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Free Agency is around the corner and it's time to give our returning GMs a refresher and our new GMs a crash course on how things work in the DCHL!

Firstly, this is all based on a bidding system. In order to sign a free agent, the top bid must be held for 12 hours. Bids are based on a one-year contract offer. GMs cannot have more than 5 leading bids at any given time. GMs cannot bid more than 3 times on any player unless it is a returning player who is eligible for the hometown discount (5%), in which case a GM can make 5 bids on that player. Violations of these rules will result in the GM being banned from free agency for 24 hours. A second offence will result in a 3 day ban.

Once a bid is determined a winner, the GM must then announce the contract they are signing the player to. This includes cap hit, signing bonus and term. This first decision a GM makes is the term of the deal. Different terms come with different discounts on the winning bid. A 1-year term is 100% of the winning bid, 2 years is 90%, 3 years is 84%, 4 years is 79%, 5 years is 75% and 6 years is 72%. Contracts cannot extend past 6 years. Once term is decided, a GM may opt to use DCHL cash as a signing bonus. The bonus cannot exceed one third of the value after the term discount is applied. The signing bonus is equally spread over the duration of the contract and paid in a lump sum due at the time of the signing. If a player is returning to the same team they finished the previous season with, they are also entitled to a hometown discount, equal to 5% after the signing bonus has been applied. An example will be provided below.

GMs cannot exceed the salary cap by more than $3M during free agency. Please adjust your roster ahead of time via the sim client so the right players are counting against your cap. The league file can be found here. Leading bids count against your cap. If a GM exceeds the cap by more than $3M, it will result in the GM being banned from free agency for 24 hours. A second offence will result in a 3 day ban.

A few important exceptions
Contracts valued less than $1.5M must be for one year only. These contracts may be in the farm team and will not count against your cap and are waiver exempt.
Players aged 35-39 can only be signed to a maximum 2 year contract.
Players aged 40 and up can only be signed to a maximum 1 year contract.
Any bid which is edited or deleted will result in the GM being banned from free agency for 24 hours. A second offence will result in a 3 day ban.

To start, the Free Agency coordinator will open bidding on the top 20 players available. As they become signed, more will become available. Once free agency slows down, GMs will be given the go-ahead to open their own bids. The minimum opening bid is $500K and the minimum bid increment is $250K. 

GMs outside of the Board of Governors will be given a 500k DCHL cash reward for identifying violators of the outlined rules.

The free agent contract calculator can be found here. And an instructional video can be seen here.

Please also do not comment on bid threads unless it is to make a bid or announce your contract. Once a contract is accepted and entered by the commish, it will be deleted from the Facebook page.

Here is an example of a bid:
Winning bid value for player Milan Lucic is $11,500,000
Term selected is 3 years - 84% of original bid: $9,660,000
Maximum annual signing bonus is 1/3 of previous amount: $3,220,000
Total signing bonus for contract over 3 years: $9,660,000 

Final cap hit: $6,440,000 for 3 years ($9,660,000 - $3,220,000)
DCHL cash due: $9,660,000 ($3,220,000 x 3 years)
If player was eligble for hometown discount, contract value would be $6,118,000 x 3 years. (5% discount)

The contact would then be annouced on FB as follows: "The Senators sign Milan Lucic to a 3 year deal worth $6,440,000 per year with an annual SB of $3,220,000 for a total of $9,660,000 DCHL cash."

Please also note that players signed in Free Agency cannot be traded until the regular season start which is slated for October 3, 2018.

All signings can be seen here.