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2019 DCHL Entry Draft


The draft will proceed in three phases over a 5 day period.

Phase 1 will be the Live Facebook draft hosted by Steve Downs which will be for round 1 only. The draft will begin at 2pm ET on July 6, 2019. GMs will have three minutes to make their selection. There will be a brief intermission after pick 15. Failure to pick on time will result in Best Pick Available (BPA) based on NHL Entry Draft results. GMs will be able to make their picks by commenting in the live feed or by audio or video call directly to Steve Downs’ messenger. If you cannot attend, please submit a list of picks.

Phase 2 will be on Facebook threads starting July 7, 2019 at 11am ET for Round 2 and July 8, 2019 11am ET for Round 3. GMs will have 30 minutes to make their selection. When a GM announces their selection, please tag the next GM to pick. Example: "Ottawa Senators select Eeli Tolvanen with the 59th pick overall - Dan Prieur, you have 30 minutes to make your pick." We will be opening Round 2 following the conclusion of phase 1 and Round 3 will begin following Round 2. Time will only be enforced once the scheduled time starts. Failure to pick on time will result in BPA.

Phase 3 will be done via email/messenger and will cover rounds 4-7. GMs will be required to submit their lists via email to commish@dchl.ca or by private message to Matt Watters by 11:59pm ET on July 12, 2019. If a GM doesn't submit a list, BPA will be taken for them. Final draft results will be posted July 13, 2019.

Once again this year, there will also be a DCHL Entry Draft pre-show which will start around 12pm ET before round 1.

Draft order can be found here.